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And voila - here is my very first cooking video! The recipe is entirely vegan and gluten free, and of course, contains rice as befits the competition rules. Voting doesn’t happen until the middle of September, so if I’m chosen, then I’ll be hounding you guys for likes on the video! :D

I feel thoroughly embarrassed posting as I’m far too self critical but as a first attempt, it’s not half bad. Thanks to my brother for editing this far better than I ever could! :)

"Don’t hate yourself."

Something a little different I’ve been wanting to record for a while but never got round to doing… because every time I tried to record this it went wrong/I felt idiotic. If any of you know what the body gossip movement is, this video is reminiscent of that.

In essence, it’s about not hating yourself. I know I trip up and look away from the camera a lot, but who’s perfect, right?

(P.S. if it’s blurry - you can watch it in HD. :) )

HEY I MADE A THING. (your asks have been answered! I made a vlog.)

I tried to say ‘um’ less in this video so I would seem less awkward, which in turn backfired as instead I constantly addressed how awkward I was in front of the camera. Well done, Freya!

P.S. Sorry for the dying whale noises. This is just how I am, not me trying to be ‘Zooey Deschanel’ awkward, haha! Anyway, enjoy this life update!

P.P.S. The lovely Curtis person I was talking about can be found here. :)

Vlog tiiiime! It’s pretty long - please don’t feel obliged to watch it all, but I answered quite a few anonymous questions so if you asked me something recently, chances are the answer is here. :)

Questions -

  1. What is your current skin care routine as your skin is so lovely (etc. etc.)
  2. How much do you exercise on average each week? (from 2:43)
  3. Do you drink tea? (from 3:42)
  4. How have your flatmates reacted to your healthy eating? (from 4:14)
  5. You don’t go out with your flatmates?! (from 4:51)
  6. Anonymous asks: Thanks for listing your favourite vegan blogs! (from 6:32)
  7. If I only put egg whites in to my oatmeal on the hob, will it give it a baked oatmeal effect? (from 6:52)
  8. Are you at the University of Sheffield/what’s it like living there/what’s the accommodation like, especially living with strangers? (from 7:33)
  9. YOU ARE AN EX-VEGAN??? OMG - basically why I’m not vegan any more! (from 9:33)
  10. What kind of yoga do you do and for how long? (from 11:26)
  11. What kind of camera do you use? You have awesome food photos! (from 11:45)
  12. Talking briefly about Hannah. (from 12:26)

HEY. HEY YOU. I JUMPED OUT OF A PLANE. Aren’t the outfits sexy?!

Oh good God. It was certainly an interesting experience, to say the least. I couldn’t breathe during the free fall (we fell a mile and a half in 35 seconds) and I was getting pretty faint when I remembered I was told to scream if this was the case! If you scream, once you’ve finished, you have to inhale. So thank goodness for that, haha! I screamed for the rest of the duration of the free fall, not because I was scared, simply because I’m rather partial to breathing!

Once the parachute was up, it was all fun and games! The view was beautiful - we were told it had been the best day of the year so far. We (my dad did it too) got to watch the sunset from 10,000 ft high. Not many people can say that!

There’s no footage of the free fall because I was too high up to be seen so instead there’s video of the gentle float back to the ground. (And yup - that’s my brother and Ma bickering.) Enjoy!

Vegan Grocery Haul!

A little video detailing everything I bought today at the supermarket, as I’m often asked what it is I buy. Hopefully this answers any questions surrounding this area!

And yes, I am aware of how many times I say something is “my favourite”. All food is my favourite. I just like food, okay? :D