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Aaaaand I baked for the first time since arriving at uni! I’m more of a cake person myself, but one of my flatmates doesn’t really have a sweet tooth - however she loves lemon meringue pie, so that’s what we (myself and Viv) made! I’ve never made one before, but I have made pavlova before so it wasn’t all that difficult.

We did make one small mistake… once I’d poured the curd over the biscuit base I realised we’d forgotten to add the lemon juice! We’d only used the rind. D: But I squirted the juice of one lemon (we were meant to use 4) over the top of the curd and added the rind of another lemon to the meringue before placing it on top of the curd and it seemed to turn out alright. It’s more like meringue pie with a hint of lemon than lemon meringue pie, but it’s still tasty - so that’s what matters, right? ;D