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I’m sorry posts have been all over the place!

As you may know, I’ve decided to leave university and pursue something different - however I still have 8 days left here, and in those few days I’ll be using up whatever food I have left.

(I.E. It’s probably going to be the same kind of food day in, day out. You don’t want to see that, do you?)

I’ll be back home from December 5th, and from there on in blog posts will be much more regular and with a wider variety of food - not just “5 Minute Baked Banana Oatmeal” again and again, ha!

Thank you for your patience and help with my coming to this decision. I hope you all are well. :)

-Freya. ♥

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  1. in--context said: What’ve you decided to do instead? Just curious
  2. clairepattison said: You’re adorable! Hope you’re happy with your decision and believe me, the 5 Minute Baked Banana Oatmeal is so delicious (I have a different variation every day) that I don’t mind seeing it so often, haha. Good luck :)
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