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Sugar free, oil free, vegan, wholewheat banana bread with walnuts, pecans, banana chips and a sesame seed sprinkle.

We had 4 very ripe bananas laying around - so naturally, a batch of banana bread was made! The recipe involves 2 cups of mashed banana and 2 cups of wholewheat flour with only dates to add more sweetness and flaxseed to bind everything together. I added some crushed walnuts and pecans and changed the flour to 1 cup WW and 1 cup AP as I was worried the bread might be too dense and it came out just right. Also, I added a drizzle of agave because I found the raw dough not sweet enough but sweetness levels are a very personal thing, so you might not agree. I’d give this recipe a 7/10 but considering how healthy it is I’m going to give it an 8/10!

The recipe can be found here! :)

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