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Favorite vegan blogs?

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Ah, there’s so many! D:

Here’s some vegan blogs specific to tumblr:

garden-of-vegan, icookveganwtfdoyoueatvegan, veganpizzafyeah, anotherveganpunk, veganfoody, sweetveganista, closetvegan (doesn’t post any more, but the old recipes are still good), yummyvegan, yackattack (favourite!), findingvegan -  I think every vegan on tumblr follows findingvegan anyway.

As for non tumblr ones ohsheglows is the best. :) And of course chocolatecoveredkatie - she makes desserts that are healthy and taste AWESOME! A new favourite is maplespice and I’ve been following veganinbrighton for a whole, too. :)

Man, it took me a long time to add urls to all of those. Be thankful, anon! ;D

Oh, and how could I forget youtube! The Vegan Zombie, Eco Vegan Gal, Healthy Vegan and The Sweetest Vegan are all great too.

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